There's no moss on Amber Tamblyn. (Is that an expression, or did I just make it up?) In the roughly two years since the dearly departed Joan of Arcadia stopped filming, she's had two films released, and has another three in various stage of production, including The Grudge 2. To this point, her post-Joan output has been a canny mix of the commercial (the afore-mentioned Grudge sequel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and the indie (Stephanie Daley, the forthcoming Spiral), and her latest job suggests that pattern will continue.

Tamblyn has signed on to star in Normal Adolescent Behavior, the debut feature from screenwriter Beth Schacter. A New Line production, the film is described as a "darkly comic look at sexual politics among precocious and privileged teenagers," and sounds like yet another solid choice for a (really) young woman who either has brilliant advisers or is preternaturally wise when it comes to her career -- it'll be great to see her take on what sounds like a deliciously catty, nasty role.
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