For some reason, whenever I hear the name "Chris Evans," I immediately think of the "British DJ and wild man," not the guy who has fire coming out of his hands in Fantastic Four. For that reason, I was rather surprised this morning when Variety revealed that Evans will be playing a "Park Avenue hunk" in The Nanny Diaries. Alas, they were talking about the American superhero and not the dorky redhead -- which, while it clears things up, is also sort of disappointing, if only because the idea of the BBC Chris Evans romancing Scarlett Johansson is so weird that it deserves to be real. Also joining the cast as the non-hunk husband of Johansson's boss, the dreaded Mrs. X (that's Laura Linney, in case you've forgotten) is Paul Giamatti who, one hopes, will have daily Oscar nominee parties with Linney and throw hunks of brie at the youngsters on the set. What?

The movie starts filming later this month in Manhattan, sort of near my neighborhood. I'll be on the lookout for skulking celebs.
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