I must confess up front that, to my great shame, I haven't seen Sharky's Machine. I am, however, adding to my Netflix queue as we speak, if only because, well, it's Burt Reynolds. Even in 1981 -- nearly a full decade removed from his Deliverance glory -- there was very little wrong with Burt Reynolds. Sorry, I got distracted there. The point is that I can oppose this particular planned remake on principle alone, so here goes: A remake? Of a semi-classic cop movie? Come ON! (How was that?)

For those of you who have seen and love the original, here's some fodder for your personal disgust: First of all, Warner Brothers' remake will probably NOT be set in Atlanta. Second, the screenplay -- which has been written and rewritten without, one guesses, even a look at the novel on which Reynolds' film was based -- will "vary in places from the original." Which probably means the woman won't be a prostitute, and Sharky will be flawless. Who's excited now? Finally, the remake might well star Mark Wahlberg (it's "being set up" as a vehicle for him). Personally, I like Marky Mark, but it's awfully hard for me to see him, based on what I've read, as Sharky. Thoughts, please.
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