Universal Pictures has laid claim to what is apparently a highly classified, top secret project known only as Zoo. Universal says they are keeping the plot quiet for awhile, but it is known the film will be a "sci-fi" comedy flick, and the pitch was made by writer David Berenbaum. A small amount of imagination can provide a rather logical scenario for a sci-fi film called Zoo, however, so we can probably presume it'll be a collection of motley space animals -- likely computer generated. If it angles towards the kids (which seems like an obvious guess) it will most likely involve these animals being humorously placed in an environment which is unknown to them and having to work together to regain their homes/families. Of course, this is all entirely speculation for now, and I could be WAY off. Anyone out there have an angle on this, or a guess at what else we could see from this project?

As a side note, I've got mixed reactions to this news. I mean, David Berenbaum wrote the hilarious and excellent Elf... but he also wrote The Haunted Mansion, which is the complete opposite of hilarious and excellent.*

*The complete opposite of hilarious and excellent is broccoli, I believe.

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