French director Alexandre Aja first gained the attention of the international film community in 2003 with Haute tension, but it wasn't until his remake of Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes was both well-reviewed and a box office success that he starting being able to sit and eat bonbons on the stacks of scripts that Hollywood studios were sending his way. Today Variety reports that Aja has signed on the dotted line to helm yet another from the pile, giving him three films currently in development.

Already on the director's plate are both the deeply creepy-sounding graphic novel adaptation Black Hole and The Waiting, which the IMDb describes as about "A woman [who] believes she is being haunted by the ghost of her deceased child." Yikes. Joining that pair is a horror film called Into the Mirror (a remake of a Korean movie of the same name), about a topic that's been neglected for years: killer mirrors. The story takes place in a department store where angry reflections are, well, killing people, somehow. Alrighty. Has anyone seen the Korean flick? It got pretty good reviews, but trying to imagine how you could depict murderous reflections without the whole thing looking incredibly silly is challenging to say the least.

According to Variety, production will begin this fall (which means those other two projects won't be coming for a looooong time).
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