Seriously, what honest comic book fan doesn't love the character of Abe Sapien? If you don't know him, go grab some Hellboy comics and don't come back to this article until you've finished at least three of them. For genre fans, the movie adaptation of Hellboy was a great event; a beloved comic book story which actually kept its storyline intact in the transition from pages to screen. Naturally, it was well-received; which means sequel announcement was quick to happen. We've already heard from director Del Toro the increased plans for Abe Sapien's character in the second film, but if you want to hear about it from the mouth of the actor himself (Doug Jones) you can dig his recent interview with IESB. Even if you have heard the news, the interview is worth your time just to hear Jones' thoughts on his character. The more interesting bit to emerge from this interview is Jones' mention of a likely third movie, the prospect of which is sure to please fans.

Let's be serious -- how many of us couldn't make that prediction in our sleep? A well-liked super hero flick with the dedicated attention of a popular director could have franchise potential? Amazing! I've certainly got my fingers crossed in hopes for the Hellboy title to carry through as many films as it can. Presuming, of course, they continue to be as quality as the first one.

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