The last time we checked in on 24: The Movie, rumor had it that Kiefer Sutherland had potentially signed on to three 24-related films. Not for nothing, but even for you hardcore Jack Baur fans, I imagine that's a bit too much. I mean, how many times can one guy save the world? I'm still impressed at how many times Pauly Shore managed to do it.

Supposedly, Joel Surrow, creator and executive producer of the television show, was recently a guest on the Rush Limbaugh program and, apparently, the one person who listens dished more dirt on the film version. It looks like the 24 movie will not be filmed until the summer of 2007, with a release date to fall somewhere inside the summer of 2008. I'd expect the television part to end in superb cliffhanger fashion sometime before production begins, with just enough time to get folks pumped up for the big screen return.

The other information to come out of the interview surrounded the film's time-line. While the story will still carry the same 24-hour format, it will consist of three 40-minute real-time parts in order to allow its hero to travel great distances. Oh yeah, Jack's going global baby! Yeah, because throwing this guy in rush hour traffic on a trip to the airport is an entire hour and a half right there.

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