Remember back in high school, there was that "cool kid" who always managed to make you feel as if your life was meaningless? Well, imagine growing up to be somewhat successful, only to find out that same kid was just hired to work alongside you. How would you feel? Would all of those horrific memories suddenly rush back to your brain and force you to dash toward the back corner of the office so that I you could bury my your head in a textbook?

Perhaps, if you were Joe Nussbaum, you would write a spec script about the whole thing, sell it to Warner Brothers, and call it Brad Cutter Ruined My Life ... Again. Now, I can't say whether or not this all actually happened to Nussbaum, but I can tell you that Warners picked up the spec for Donald De Line to produce. Nussbaum jumped onto the scene back in 1999 when he co-wrote and directed the short film George Lucas in Love. Pic told the story of a young George Lucas attempting to finish his sci-fi script, Space Wheat, while dealing with a severe case of writer's block. Ultimately, of course, that same script would turn into Star Wars. The fictional comedy garnered a strong cult following and helped prove that short films, if done well, really can open up the right doors eventually. I think ... and hope.

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