Terminator 4 is coming, and producer Andy Vajna has started scouting locations. According to Vajna, he's interested in taking the film down under. He has been to visit Warner Brothers' Australian studio, but he admitted it is too early in the process to know anything for certain. Vajna also indicated the script is finished and ready to go -- but a director has yet been named.

Vajna also addressed the question on everyone's collective mind; what about Arnold? Of course there will be a cameo role for the Governor if he is interested. Vajna said "We want to go on with the Terminator and turn it into a real sci-fi picture and there is a very interesting role for Arnold if he decides he wants to do it." But Vajna (like everyone else in America) realizes Arnold is a very busy man these days, and so the show will go on with or without him.

I, for one, am quite interested to see what happens to the Terminator franchise in the post-Arnold days. Honestly, I think the flicks are a lot of fun, and I hope they can spin whatever they do next it into an interesting and enjoyable sci-fi franchise. What do you think -- can TheTerminator exist without The Governor?
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