Comedian Dane Cook is never, ever going away. In addition to appearing in pretty much every stupid-funny movie made over the past 12 months or so, he's also making some hay in the story business, having just sold his second pitch. Disney bought this one (wittily entitled Dad Knap), because they think the idea of a guy kidnapping his dad to improve their relationship is totally hilarious. Actually, that is sort of funny, assuming the people at Disney can keep themselves from throwing contract flunky Tim Allen in there to muck it up. Though Cook will produce, the studio is going to have to find their own writer, because Cook is just too busy to sit down and actually, you know, write something. Instead, he's got to be acting all over town, including in his most recent addition, the Kevin Costner-William Hurt evil twin flick, Mr. Brooks.

Come to think of it, this dadknapping story actually sounds like it could be the "relationship comedy" that Cook sold to The Weinstein Company a few months ago. Perhaps he's just scurrying around, throwing the same vague-but-hilarious pitch at studio heads all over town, and chortling with glee as they throw money at him. And if he's not, he should be.
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