Right after I finished writing my review of James Gunn's Slither, I ran over to Rotten Tomatoes to see what the general concensus was among my favorite movie geeks. I was happy and surprised to see the reactions were positive; Slither has maintained a 85% - 90% approval rating since it opened last Friday. If you read through any of the worthwhile horror sites, you'll find interviews with a very pleased director and you'll find tons of geekily enthusiastic responses to the flick on various message boards and blogs.

The filmmakers liked Slither; the critics (yes, "the critics" who allegedly sneer at all sci-fi, horror, and comedy movies) liked Slither; the fanboys (well, the ones who got off their Xbox and actually went to see it) liked Slither. Heck, Universal even did a pretty solid job of selling Slither.

So why'd the flick make less than $3.9 million in its opening weekend? Did it really do less than $2,000 per theater? How'd it debut in 8th place, two spots behind the second freakin' weekend of the monumentally absymal Stay Alive?