Back in the heady days of xXx, Vin Diesel frequently told the press that he was about to start shooting Hannibal, a movie he would both direct and star in, based on Ross Leckie's (really poorly-reviewed) fictionalized memoir of that elephant guy from Carthage. Needless to say, it didn't happen. Still, every couple of years Diesel tells somebody that his pet project is on the verge of production; the press can be forgiven for adopting a wait-and-see approach in the face of his latest claim that work really is about to begin.

This time, though, there actually does seem to be movement on the project: the AP reported this week that Diesel has chosen locations in California, the Dominican Republic (where the movie will shoot for a month), and Spain, and Diesel himself has been talking about his post-Find Me Guilty time spent "scouting for elephants...that are of worth." (Casting calls apparently went out on elephant message boards world-wide, and the great creatures traveled from far and wide to be seen by Diesel and his crew, hoping for that one chance at stardom.) There are also some unsettling rumors that Diesel wants to shoot the film in Punic, "a dialect of Phoenician...that hasn't been spoken in 2,000 years," but those sound more like big talk than anything else, and are probably best ignored until we see actual cameras and crew at one of these supposed locations.
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