The 30th Hong Kong International Film Festival is in full swing, torturing all of us from afar. In addition to a broad slate of premieres and other new films, this year's festival also features a 20-film tribute to the Hong Kong industry's greatest action choreographers, including the work of people like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Woo-ping. The tribute is being seen as bittersweet because, as GreenCine Daily contributor Saul Symonds put it in his first report for the site, the "blood and sweat [of these men] literally built up Hong Kong cinema into one of the world's most vibrant and productive industries...and now Hong Kong cinema is dying, and everything they've worked towards is being sadly swept away." Yeah, that's depressing.

On a more positive note, also at the festival is the always-reliable Grady Hendrix, who is posting reviews and reactions over at Kaiju Shakedown. Among his reviews is one of Johnnie To's eagerly-awaited Election 2 (he really, really digs it), as well as looks at Simon Yam's fashion sense, and Black Night, a horror anthology featuring segments from Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

If you're interested in Asian film and, like me, wish you were in Hong Kong right now, keep checking in with Grady and the folks at GreenCine Daily for your fixes on the fest until it closes, on April 19.
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