As more details emerge, it appears as if Hollywood's biggest director will be teaming up with reality television's head honcho. That's right, Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett are going all Filmmaking Idol on us... and I have a real sour taste in my mouth. The name of the show will be On The Lot, and will combine elements from shows like American Idol, The Apprentice and Project Greenlight.

The format will work like this: Each week, the contestants (all aspiring directors) will be split into teams, assigned genres and asked to produce an original film. Afterward, the films will be shown on a Spielberg-created movie theater set, while three judges bash, er, critique them. Oh, and here's the best part: Like Idol, America gets to vote off who they feel is the worst director. I trust America will make the right decision when it comes to the movies they choose, right?

As expected, Spielberg won't really be seen on camera. The three judges will be comprised of a movie company executive, a film critic and a special guest who will vary from week to week based on whoever feels like showing up. If the show is a hit, we could get Ron Howard. If not, then expect Ron Jeremy. And about that grand prize? Well, the winner will receive a "studio deal" with Dreamworks. FOX will potentially start airing the show next summer.


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