Don't mistakenly call it Fat Girls. The alternatively spelled first word (don't ask me about the second) of Phat Girlz stands for "Pretty, Hot And Thick", which is just one of the many complimentary terms attributed to plus-size women in writer-director Nnegest Likké's romantic comedy. Others include "sexy succulent" and "thick madame," and these labels are used to give its big-boned protagonist a substitute for any of the derogatory words that have been directed towards her throughout her life. With words, the difference between negative and positive self-consciousness seems a simple process, but the movie wants us to make believe that living with such physical and psychological obstacles in America's thin-centered society is just as easy as a flip-flop in language.

Comedienne Mo'Nique plays Jazmin, a big girl with big problems, all attributed to her size and its affect on her ability to attract men, find clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable and most of all feel confident in herself. She is an aspiring designer of plus-size apparel, but she works at a mall department store where every day she has to sadly watch others like her choose from frumpy wardrobes and also watch "skinny bitches" pick up stylish clothes and attractive beaus.
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