You might recall us mentioningUwe Boll's hilariously bad BloodRaynearoundhere a time or 12. The ill-fated film cost an estimated $25 million to make, but made only $2.5 million at the box office, a total that I'm sure came as a complete shock to everyone involved. "But ... but ... Uwe Boll directed it! How can it fail?" Despite the box office disaster, however, DVD distributor Visual Entertainment is determined to turn the movie into a hit in the home video market, and they've got a plan to trick people into bring BloodRayne into their homes: package it with a video game.

Since the movie was based on a video game in the first place, it's logical that gamers are pretty much the only people who might be interested in buying it on DVD (though since none of them went to see it in the theaters, Visual might be being a bit over-optimistic here); will they want to play BloodRayne 2 badly enough to drop $26.95 on it? Whether buyers watch the DVD or use it as a coaster, the purchase goes into the charts as a sale for the movie. I know nothing about the BloodRayne game, but this sounds like a brilliant idea by a small distributor -- and what better movie to test the marketing power of packaging a game with a DVD than one that nobody wants to see? If the package sells, you can be sure we'll see a lot more crappy game-based films on shelves with the games in question.