Italian tire-maker Pirelli must have a whole lot of money and very little space in which to store it, or something, because obscene salaries are the only possible explanation for John Malkovich and Antoine Fuqua's collaboration on the hideously bad, tire-selling short, The Call. In the film, Malkovich plays a priest who is called to perform an exorcism on ... a car. Which, obviously, is possessed by Naomi Campbell, who has black wings and appears to have scaled up her weapon choice rather dramatically from the cell phone she was (allegedly) wielding last week. While I will confess to chuckling when Evil Naomi rid the car of Malkovich's holy water by turning on the windshield wipers, the revelation that all she really wanted was better tires is so silly that it's not even worth mocking.

But, you know, far be it for me to judge if the thing sells tires or not. Maybe if I had a car, I'd suddenly be desperate to buy something from Pirelli. Because, really, who doesn't need tires that ward off evil?

[via Filmmaker Blog]
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