37 Uses for a Dead Sheep is a charming, engagingly-constructed documentary about the last century in the existence of the Pamir Kirghiz, during which time outside forces forced the tribe from their ancestral homeland in the Pamir Mountains of Central Asia. Originally, they lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle, wandering across the borders between the old Soviet Union, China, and Afghanistan. As politics and conflicts intensified, however, first the Chinese, then the Soviets tried to control the movements of the Kirghiz, the latter through violence and imprisonment. Eventually, after settling first in Afghanistan and then in the distinctly un-Pamir valleys of Pakistan, the Kirghiz asked for help from abroad. As ethnic Turks, the choice between offers from the United States (the Kirghiz would be flown to Alaska) and Turkey was not a difficult one, and the Kirghiz now make their home in Ulupamir Village, in Eastern Turkey.