Rogue Pictures, Focus Features' genre arm, is putting together a very creepy-sounding movie with producer Amy Kaufman (once a Focus exec) and director Victor García. The film, which will focus on "a girl who wakes up from a 15-year coma and finds herself in a haunted hospital ward," is based on a pitch by Garcia himself and will be written by Craig Gerber. (According to Google, that's a haunted hospital right over there. Who am I to argue?)

Garcia, who was born in Barcelona, has directed only a few shorts, but one of them -- a nine-minute Spanish-language horror film called El Ciclo -- was a festival success, and brought him to Hollywood's attention. The short is available at Atom Films, and has a pretty good rating, but since the categories are "extreme" and "violent," I'm afraid to watch it. If the brave among you have a few minutes, check it out and let us know how it is. Though the IMDb lists another horror feature (entitled Smoke, about an abused woman experiencing premonitions) in preproduction, Variety insists that the untitled Rogue film will be Garcia's first full-length effort.
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