Monday's odds and ends:
  • According to England's The Independent, Keira Knightley is going to play Eliza Doolittle. In, well, something -- maybe on stage, maybe on screen. Basically, all anyone knows at this point is that talks are going on, and she's "studying the script madly." All remake rage will be delayed until we know for sure whether it's a movie or not.
  • It looks as if all the talk about Sean Connery making a cameo appearance in Casino Royale might have been a bit of wishful thinking. According to Connery himself, apart from contributing his voice to a Scottish cartoon he agreed to participate in months ago, he's retired from acting and will officially announce his decision when the AFI gives him its lifetime achievement award later this year. Gee, that's convenient timing. "All these people here, for me? You shouldn't have. Oh, and I'm retiring. Forever. Love me very much -- and publicly -- right now!"
  • The wait is finally over, friends: there will be a Joe Dirt 2. Can I get an amen? How long have we hoped and prayed that this day might come, only to be repeatedly denied by the cruel hand of Hollywood? Now, though, the blessed day has arrived. Master Thespian David Spade reports that he is asked about a sequel to Joe Dirt more than anything else (which, really, isn't saying much -- as Clint at Moviehole points out, how many people are clamoring for another Dickie Roberts?), and that it's been surprisingly successful on DVD. Though Spade doesn't specifically mention a shoot date for the time traveling (yes, I said time traveling) sequel, it sounds like it may go into production this summer -- fingers crossed.
  • As Karina mentioned in the podcast this morning, a well-intentioned (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt there, he could actually be deeply evil) Massachusetts corrections officer has been disciplined for showing Brokeback Mountain to prison inmates. [Insert gratuitous Oz joke here.] According to corrections officials, their objection to the film was not its subject matter but "the graphic nature of sexually explicit scenes" -- apparently men can't even go at it with women on the screens of the Massachusetts big house.
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