Variety reports this morning that a team of four producers has picked up the rights to Terri: the Truth, Michael Schiavo's new book about his relationship with his wife, and his battle to fulfill what he said was her wish to die. Wow -- how can studios possibly say no to this one? The producers, including Mike Farrell (who was involved with the public battle, and argued for Schiavo's right to die) and Lawrence Bender, aren't yet sure if their film will be made for television or the big screen; a decision seems dependent on which industry shows interest in the project.

According to Marvin Minoff, Farrell's partner and another of the producers, "The story is almost Shakespearean in the warring of the families and the great love story between the [couple] ... It starts off so beautifully and then ends so chaotically." Well sure, that's one way of looking at it. Another way is that it's some people trying to make a buck off of a very personal tragedy; no matter what side of the issue you come down on, it's hard to argue that the situation was not a horrible one for everyone involved. While it's hard to say that Schiavo is being taken advantage of here, since one assumes he was involved in selling the rights, but how could this movie possible be done in a way that's not tasteless? Just thinking about the trailer gives me the willies.
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