As directed by Dejan Sorak, the Croatian film Two Players from the Bench functions on a variety of levels. On one, it’s a political document, examining the relations between Croats in Serbs in what once was Yugoslavia, exploring what their ethnicities really mean to individuals on both sides, and touching on the impact of the International War Crimes Tribunal on the post-war world. On another, it’s a document about Croatia today, a country apparently made up of deserted roads, few jobs, little money, and the shells of public buildings, picked clear by scavengers. On yet another, it’s a thriller, full of unexpected twists and hidden motivations. And, finally, it’s a warm-hearted buddy movie in which a Croat and Serb learn not only to coexist, but also to rely on one another. Despite -- or maybe because of -- its many directions, the film is surprisingly satisfying and entertaining.