To this point, Will Arnett's post-Arrested Development career has been looking pretty good. (Which means, basically, that Blades of Glory sounds both completely hilarious, and also bizarre enough to allow Arnett to showcase his various talents.) But today's news is making me nervous: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Arnett has signed on to star in a movie called The Ambassador, in which he'll play, you guessed it, a pianist! Wait, sorry. That's wrong. He's going to be an ambassador. Nothing to get too worried about yet, right? Could be funny. But here's the summary: Arnett's character is "a former U.S. vice president's privileged son, who is assigned an ambassadorship in Europe, where he quickly becomes the quintessential ugly American." See, to me that sounds like a pitch from a guy who watched Arrested Development and just didn't get it -- it's a character who will run around yelling "COME ON!" and offending people, but without the weirdness and humanity -- yes, I said it -- that made GOB so great. It turns out, though, that Arnett (along with writer Michael Schur) pitched the story himself, and I'm guessing he understood GOB better than most of us. So now I'm just confused, and praying that the movie simply sounds dumber than it is. If that's not it, I'm a little concerned that Arnett has decided his career from this point will follow the low-humor, high-profit path trod by certain other unnamedcomics.
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