Over at Hollywood Elsewhere, Jeffrey Wells had a look (scroll down to "Obsession") at James Vanderbilt's script for Zodiac and was impressed -- in fact, he describes it as potentially a "truly exceptional hunt-for-a-serial-killer movie" (admittedly a fairly small niche), the last of which, Wells believes, was Seven, also directed by David Fincher. (Whoa -- speaking of Fincher, the IMDb just told me that he directed the video for George Michael's Freedom 90. Did you people know that? I had NO idea.) The review is more of an overview than anything else and, assuming that you know how the Zodiac killer case was "resolved," you won't find any spoilers there. Generally speaking, Wells thinks Jake Gyllenhaal's role as cartoonist Robert Graysmith (on whose books the movie is based) is, at least on paper, "the best he's ever had," and makes it sounds like the ending (which he doesn't describe) is just as dark and depressing as Seven's.

If you're like me, you were blown away by Seven, but also never want to put yourself under that sort of emotional stress again (and I'm talking about the whole thing, not just the end). So, while I'm not sure Wells' write-up exactly makes me want to see Zodiac (due out in November), it still sounds awfully good.

[via JoBlo]
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