For those of you who thought James Brolin lost some of his edge after becoming Mr. Barbara Streisand, think again -- the actor has, apparently, signed on to star in the upcoming Rambo 4. Hoo-rah!

According to reports, Brolin, taking over for the beloved Col. Samuel Trautman (Richard  Crenna), will play the gutsy Corporal Keating. News of the casting also brought forth an updated plot description which reveals an older and more reclusive (if that's possible) John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), who has done his best to find a life of solitude for himself, his wife and young daughter. However, when his daughter goes missing, Rambo goes back on the hunt. Meanwhile, Corporal Keating is chasing a fugitive falsely accused of war crimes. At some point, Rambo teams up with the fugitive (I'm thinking they can both help solve one another's issues) and the story takes off from there. It's being said that production on Rambo 4 will begin, in India, immediately following Rocky Balboa.

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