One of the major constants behind the cameras on theX-Men films has been Lauren Shuler Donner, who worked as producer on all three films. ComingSoon recently caught up with Donner, who had some rather interesting things to share. First was the obligatory "I'm really excited about our fantastic new movie" comments, which we all expect and take with a grain of salt, because even Uwe Boll talks a big game in the month before release. Of more interesting note was Donner's confession that she and the rest of the X-team had originally envisioned more than three X-Men movies, because "there are certainly enough comics out there." Donner went on to indicate in addition to the spin-off X-films on the way, she is actively seeking another comic book title to receive the movie treatment -- DC's Metal Men, which she described as "much more like Men in Black. It's miles away from X-Men. It's lighter and it's fun. A lot of CGI."

Now I'm no DC historian (I tend to read more Marvel) but if I remember correctly, the Metal Men were a team of robot-esque beings made from different sorts of metal who were created by a scientist named Dr. Magnus (is that correct, DC fans?) and had wacky adventures on other planets. I was all set to make a few snide jokes about this turning into a film when I suddenly realized that I REALLY want to see this movie. Don't ask me why, but the humor potential intrigues me.

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