John Waters

  • So let me get this straight: Hairspray, the movie, is released in 1988. Then they make a musical from it in 2002. And now New Line is again going to make a movie of it, this time with a budget of $50 million? Jeez, I know they say Hollywood is out of ideas, but this is ridiculous.
  • The paper reviews some of the more weird horror flicks coming out from overseas, including Pray, about a punk teen and his druggie girlfriend who kidnap a girl, only to find out she's been dead for a year (Oooooooo!); Una Bianca, a long Italian TV movie about two cops tracking down a group of vicious crooks; and Don't Deliver Us From Evil, which is about two young girls who worship Satan and start killing males in their neighborhood. And in one of the more unintentionally funny segues, the Times then says, "Also out today ...Fun With Dick And Jane."