Let me just say this: I totally told you so. Awhile back, I told you how some of the cast from Snakes on a Plane had returned to the set for re-shoots in order to "up the ante" and transform the film from just some regular old PG-13 flick about a bunch of cute little snakes on a plane to an explosive, kick-ass, balls-to-the-wall good time.

Well, Bloody Disgusting recently interviewedDavid R. Ellis and the Snakes director shed some much-needed light on those controversial "additional scenes," as well as silenced the Internet haters (Ahem, Martha!) who claim all the snakes in the film are fake. According to Ellis, there were "over 500 real, non-venomous snakes as well as some CGI snakes" on set and, hopefully, in the film too. Heck, it's going to take over one thousand snakes to get me to shell out ten bucks for this thing.

And about those additional scenes -- here's where I told you so: Ellis claims that the reason for the R rating is that the deaths are more violent and graphic. Oh, and there's nudity. Where would there be nudity you ask? Well, how about in a scene where a man and a woman find themselves wanting to join the mile-high club. Ha! I totally called it. I want first dibs on the sequel's script. Snakes hits theaters on August 18. Only then will we see if all this Internet buzz translates to box office gold or if, like me, people opt out of paying for a ticket in order to continue making fun of the ridiculous premise.

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