Break-up poster jennifer anistonAccording to the New York Post's Page Six (I can't believe I just typed that sentence), the upcoming Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn romantic comedy The Break-Up has been given (NOTE: The Page Six link is now behind a paid archive.  Here's a link to Hollyood Elsewhere discussing this) a new ending thanks to extensive reshooting. The new ending will not show the two characters finally breaking up but rather have them making up and getting back together. Test audiences apparently "hated" the way the movie originally ended and so Universal ordered reshoots that sent the cast back to Chicago for a period of time at substantial cost. The rationale of the test audiences who disliked the ending seems to be that Aniston, who has gone through very public personal issues, deserved a happy ending and to keep her guy.

So the audience is transferring something that is happening to a star in her personal life to her on-screen character. Thank you so much, celebrity gossip magazines. The movie as it was planned and originally shot seemed to be interesting and funny, with a great cast and what appeared to be a fairly intelligent storyline. But now it's been remade into yet another romantic comedy that doesn't try to do anything orginal and plays to the lowest common denominator. Argh.