tribeca.jpgWith Metro, director Adolfo Doring (a music video director, and cinematographer for Capturing the Friedmans) has done a very good job of making a crew of very shallow characters look very hot; his film is, sadly, just as attractive and just as deep. A kind interpreter of Metro would call it a fashion portfolio come to life; someone less interested in kindness might suggest that the film seems to exist for no other reason than as an artifact proving its maker is good at talking to really beautiful girls.

Metro follows a gaggle of women from various walks of life as they navigate the semi-mean streets of contemporary New York City. Tina is a Midwestern-bred, tantrum prone supermodel; judging by her physique and behavoir, she is apparently somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve. She meets Amber, a stylist who takes polaroids of Japanese snack packs in her spare time, at a photo shoot.