When screening film after film at a festival, I tend to go into each knowing only the title as well as the time and place it is being shown. Usually I try to scan quickly through the movie guide for a briefing on the synopsis, but rarely do I think to check whether the film I'm about to see is fiction or non-fiction. Most of the time make an assumption which it is from the guide's plot outline, but occasionally I'm caught off guard. For instance, The Big Bad Swimis not the documentary about an adult swimming class that I expected it to be. And I'm actually quite thankful that it isn't.

Instead, the film is a multi-character story centered around an adult swimming class where the students, ranging from a teenage girl to a middle-aged cop to an elderly woman, all share the common bond of never having taken that big dip into a recreational pool. Not all of the characters are prominently featured, though; the major plotlines concern Amy (Paget Brewster of the Showtime series Huff), a high school teacher in the middle of a divorce, Jordan (Jess Weixler), a Mohegan Sun card dealer who's also a stripper, and Noah (Jeff Branson), a one-time Olympic hopeful turned depressed swimming instructor.