Human font of inside information Jeffrey Wells has seen United 93 and, in his opinion, it's "a knockout, a time-stopper, a mind-blower." Not to gush, or anything. Though there's a lot of emotion in Wells' review (and an apparent condemnation of anyone who thinks the film is coming too soon as "a baby or a coward," which I personally find incredibly disrespectful), he also offers welcome practical details about how the movie is set up. For example, United 93 (the plane, not the movie) doesn't even take off until 30 minutes into the film. The time beforehand is spent with the people trying to deal with the developing crisis (primarily air traffic controllers and FAA personnel -- Ben Sliney, national operations manager for the FAA, plays himself in the film), and building tension.

If it makes you feel any better, "Not one frame of [the] film struck [Wells] as distasteful or exploitative." I wasn't even a New Yorker during 9/11, and simply reading Wells' review made me sure I don't want to see the film. Not necessarily because it's too early, but simply because the emotions are just too much. Honestly, I don't know that I'll ever be able to see it -- but then I'm just a "coward," right Jeff?