Not only will Fox Searchlight release their movie version of Fast Food Nation (about the workings of a fast food chained called Mickey's) later this year, but that book's author, Eric Schlosser, is also soon to release Chew on This: Everything You Didn't Want to Know about Fast Food, a similarly themed (but you probably guessed that) book aimed at teachers and students. McDonald's however, isn't running scared. Oh no. Instead, they're exchanging war-like internal memos, and promising a "full-scale media campaign" in responses to the upcoming media assault. Among the tactics reportedly being considered are a "truth squad" (Maybe they'll carry around a giant, inflatable fry.), a "campaign to tell the real story" ("Massive amounts of fat are good for you!" "Animals totally love factory farms!") and, most tantalizingly, efforts to "discredit the message and the messenger." Oooooh. I can't wait for that one -- do you think Happy Meals boxes will start featuring pictures of Richard Linklater's face with a big, red "X" through it?

No release date has been set for Fast Food Nation, dammit, but it's expected out some time in 2006.
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