It's been a while since we here at Cinematical introduced ourselves. Since the last time we ran a "meet the bloggers" type post, we've brought on some new writers and added a LOT of new readers. You read us, you get a feel for what we like and what we don't, but maybe you'd like to know a little more about us as, you know, people. Then again, maybe you wouldn't -- in which case you can just read our dorky little intros and make fun of us to your computer screen or in the comments. Today you'll meet the first half of our crew, and tomorrow (assuming I get it together later tonight) you'll get to meet the other half.

So read all about us, and then you can get real crazy and introduce yourself back to us in the comments. Be as creative as you want -- best reader intro in the comments will win a coveted (and boy, do I mean coveted -- I have a line of readers lined up outside the Seattle office now begging for one of these puppies) tshirt (that's what the tshirts look like, there on the right!) And you -- yes you -- can own one, if you're the cleverest of all.