Look out folks, a different kind of frog is set to take over Manhattan... only this puppet is looking to kick some serious ass. It's being reported that Mission Impossible 3 will have its U.S. Premiere on May 3 in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival at New York's famed Ziegfeld Theater.

Oh, but this is going to be so much more than just some regular old premiere. Tom Cruise will kick off the festivities with an appearance on MTV's TRL where he'll most likely dance in front of the window, tease fans and act really pumped up (sporty leather jacket optional). Afterward, he will travel throughout New York City via -- get this -- speedboat, helicopter, taxi cab, sports car and subway. God help me if he starts throwing copies of Dianetics out of the helicopter -- that book is pretty damn heavy. We'll have more info as it comes in. MI:3 hits theaters on May 5.