Welcome to conspiracy Wednesday! This morning Variety has news on two movies, both of which involve secret groups of evil people trying to do terrible things to Americans (and we say Hollywood is out of ideas). The first, entitled Greenbacks, sounds like the superior project, but that's more because it's set in Morocco than because of either plot. Sorry to mislead you like that. In the movie, our hero Will Smith will accidental discover a Shocking! plot "to destabilize the world's economy by mass-producing perfect counterfeit greenbacks." I think it's safe to assume that Will will save the world again, though he's more likely to battle printers than aliens this time around. (Or is he?) Sadly, the screenplay for Greenbacks hasn't even been written yet, so it'll be a while before we get to watch exciting things happen in Morocco.

The second conspiracy extravaganza, 28th Amendment,* takes place on a much smaller scale. The film, which was bought based on a pitch way back in 1999, "revolves around a young U.S. president who discovers the existence of a secret cabal that runs the government and wants him dead." I don't know about you, but I always like a good cabal. After sitting on it for seven years, Warner Brothers are finally ready to go ahead with the project, and have assigned it to director Kevin Macdonald, whose One Day in September (about the killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics) won the best documentary Oscar in 2000. There is, however, no screenplay yet, so this one will be a while, too.

*As of this morning, there was no 28th Amendment. Whatever could that nasty cabal have up its sleeve?
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