Mmm ... odds and ends:
  • Electric Entertainment has signed a distribution deal with MGM which, while it normally wouldn't matter to anyone at all, is worth mentioning because it means that MGM will distribute Flyboys, an oddly under-the-radar, $60 million WWI flick that stars Jean Reno and the prettiest bad actor around, James Franco. Thanks to the deal, the movie should be in theaters this fall.
  • Everyone is very excited this morning about the news that David Krumholtz (aka one of the guys in Numb3rs who isn't Rob Morrow) has signed on to appear in Woody Allen's next movie. You remember that one -- it's got Michelle Williams in it, and doesn't have a name or a plot. Rest assured, however, that Krumholtz will be doing whatever it is Allen tells him to do in Paris. This much we know.
  • Since they're actually building a cast for it, it's starting to look like third-time lucky for Paramount's Shooter. After it failed to get off the ground the two times they tried before (with Keanu Reeves and then Robert Redford each in line to star - I bet they were never cast in the role before or since), the studio announced it again last month, this time as a collaboration for Mark Wahlberg and Antoine Fuqua. Variety reports today that Kate Marahas joined the cast, playing the love interest of Wahlberg's pissed off ex-sniper; production is due to begin this summer.
  • Tyrese Gibson just isn't getting the scripts he wants, apparently. To correct matters, he threw together a spec called To Each his Own and, what do you know, sold it to Screen Gems. Gibson will star in the film (It's about "two friends in conflict" -- could that not be the summary of say, 86% of all the movies ever made?), and also co-produce it through his HQ Pictures.
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