Here's a weird one for the ever-growing Batman sequel casting rumor mill -- although you can likely rest assured this one will remain safely in the realms of hypothetical. In a recent interview with Latino Review, none other than Robin Williams expressed his interest in playing the Joker; albeit it in an off-handed, joking (sorry) manner. Towards the end of the interview, Williams was asked if he'd like to work with Chris Nolan (Batman director) again. Williams responded in the affirmative, and then answered the follow up question of taking the role of the Joker with a resounding "Oh God yeah!"

Memory serving, good old Rob was actually considered for the role last time around, when he was young enough to pull off the part. I'm not really a huge Robin Williams fan, but I think it's fantastic he's so positive about the film in general. It'll certainly be interesting to finally learn who is really going to land this role.
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