So we know that the Even Stevens kid and that guy from Voyager have been cast as human leads in the upcoming live action Transformers role. However, they obviously are not the only actual people who will appear in the film. While no other casting decisions have been officially announced, the casting call for the film has leaked its way onto the internet; you can dig the full description here. The summary is as follows:
  • A male Dominican in his twenties to play Officer Jorge Figueroa. He is apparently "spirited" and enjoys singing.
  • A "feisty" (how this is different from "spirited" I don't know) African-American grandma.
  • A "boring" 40-year-old white history teacher.
  • Another "feisty" African-American woman -- this time in her 40s. She owns a pawn shop.
  • A male snake oil salesman of any ethnicity.
  • A 13-year-old Arab boy who loves chocolate and befriends the soldiers.
There you have your human characters, folks. Again, keep in mind many of these characters will have only small supporting roles in the film; the main focus is on the giant robots. In disguise.
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