Jon Heder, the man everyone in Hollywood apparently wants to work with, is in yet another movie. He actually signed on to star in Mama's Boy last fall, but the movie sort of fell through the cracks after that, and there was some concern/hope (depending on your feelings about Mr. Heder and his talents) that it had made its way to the pile of titles that never get past the "announced" stage. Never fear, though, because he's now got a couple of costars and a director; it's safe to move on to the next crisis on your list [insert tired old Tom Cruise joke here].

The magnificent Diane Keaton will, rather inexplicably, play Heder's mother in the film. When she starts dating a "self-help guru" (he'll be played by Jeff Daniels, which is easily the most perfect bit of casting news I've heard all week), the man stars trying to get sad loser Heder to move out of her house, thus "prompting a mano-a-mano confrontation." I'm assuming this is a comedy, but it does sound like it might have a bit of an edge to it and, just possibly, some depth. Dare we hope?

Tim Hamilton is directing the film for Warner Independent Pictures; the IMDb indicates that it's filming, but since no start date is listed in Variety, I'm taking that with a grain of salt.
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