Delicious odds and ends:
  • Columbia Pictures, which rather abruptly yanked their heavily-hyped All the King's Men from an Oscar-friendly December release date last year, have quietly slipped the film back onto its schedule in a low-profile, September slot. What's it facing off against now, you ask? Oh, you know. Jackass 2. That sort of high quality stuff. JoBlo goes further, and points out that very few of the films released during September last year were of the award-worthy quality that Columbia is insisting their film is. Yeah, Columbia -- you guys moved it because it wasn't done. Sure you did.
  • As it moves towards its shoot date (this May), The Nanny Diariesjust keeps adding names. The latest one to join the crew is Alicia Keys, who will play the best friend of Scarlett Johanson's hot, working class nanny. Hey, people who read the book -- is Keys another nanny, or is she one of Scarlett's friends from back home, before she started hanging out on Park Avenue, with the rich toddlers?
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