We can do without another baseball comedy -- or any other team sports comedy for that matter. Despite their having their devout, built-in audiences (Martha will see any soccer film, for instance), these movies haven't done anything interesting for the game or the cinema since the first incarnation of The Bad News Bears came out thirty years ago. One way to add a bit of freshness to the field, though, is to go with an unfamiliar or unrecognized sport. It worked for Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and now it works for Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, a whimsical mockumentary set in the world of competitive paintball.

Blackballed stars The Daily Show's Rob Corddry as Bobby Dukes, a paintball legend who returns to the game after a ten year ban for "wiping," a form of cheating where a player wipes off the paint he's been hit with before a referee notices. His homecoming is not very welcome, though, as nobody has forgotten about his crooked deed, and none of his old teammates (including fellow Daily Show correspondent Ed Helms) will rejoin him for The Hudson Valley Paintball Classic. So in true sports comedy fashion, Dukes rallies up a varied team of misfit underdogs and with them tries to beat rival Sam Brown (Rob Huebel) to win back his honor.