I was in a Suncoast Video store not very long ago, and I saw a collector's edition of the Land Before Timemovies. The box, which contained every LBT film made thus far, was roughly the size of a Hummer. The big one, not the new H2. I believe David Zucker and company (who have taken over the franchise from the Wayans) are trying to match that feat with the Scary Movie line. Part 4 has yet to hit the theaters (it'll be there on the 14th of this month) and Zucker has already announced his intentions to create a 5th.

Zucker told Sci Fi Wire that it will be a while before script writing will officially start, however, because ... well ... they need to wait for more films to parody. Zucker said he and his team wait to see the audience reaction to any given horror film, and only include those that do well. The Ring 2, for instance, will not be lampooned by the Scary Movie franchise. And of course, Zucker is also hard at work on a Superhero! spoof film, which will take any possibly scary superhero film moments out of contention for inclusion in the Scary Movie line.

Honestly, I have yet to see any of the Scary Movie films, and I think I'll be rather content to keep it that way. Not that I dislike Zucker (I rather enjoy his work, in fact), I just don't watch hardly any horror flicks, so most of the spoof hilarity would be lost on me. Now the Superhero film will likely be a different story...

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