I don't know if it's genius or pure insanity to direct a remake for your first feature, but that's what Douglas Buck is doing. After helming a couple of shorts (one of them really long -- nearly an hour), he rolled up to Hollywood and said "Hey man, gimme some De Palma." And the decidedly un-glamorous No Remorse Pictures said "Right on, brother! We'll produce that. Let's go to Canada!" Or, you know, something like that. What it comes down to is that Buck is directing a remake of Brian De Palma's 1973 film Sisters, a psychological horror movie about twin sisters. It's not universally loved at all, but the people who like it really, really like it, and are surely contorted with rage right now if this is the first they've heard of Buck's venture.

The film stars Stephen Rea as a shrink, Chloë Sevigny as a "nosey reporter" and French actress Lou Doillon (Hey, she's Jane Birkin's kid! Thanks, IMDb.), and is currently filming in Vancouver.
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