I bet if I told you a manga title just got optioned by a film studio your jaw would drop in shock, right? You'd be absolutely flabbergasted to hear of such an outrageous risk being taken, I imagine.* Well hang on to your hat, my friend, because the impossible has happened! Germany's Stallion Film has licensed the rights to a Japanese manga series called Wicked City for creation as an live-action, English language film. They've tapped Mark Dippe (the Spawn guy) to direct and co-produce on a $50-60 million budget. Dippe will apparently also be co-writing the film, pulling off the movie trifecta. Now he just needs to cast himself in the film and he'll be covering all angles.

Now I'm not an expert on manga, but I've read my fair share ... and if I remember correctly, Wicked City dances awfully close to the hentai line. I've never actually read the series, so I could be entirely making that up; fans should chime in here to set me straight.

[via Superhero Hype]

*Okay, I'm going to be honest ... I only went with that intro because I wanted to use the word 'flabbergasted.'

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