Zak Penn has done a fair bit of script writing lately -- he's worked on both X2 and X3, as well as Elektra (although he'd probably rather I didn't remind you about that last one) -- and he's not done yet. While X3 slides into theaters this month, Penn is already talking about his next superhero film. He recently told ComingSoon he is contracted to both write and direct one of the X-Men spin-off films; but not the Wolverine or Magneto films we've already heard about. Penn says the choice of characters will not be entirely his to make, but if he has any say in it he'd like to include a few of the "pre-existing" characters but also use the film to introduce characters from the comic books who haven't made it to the silver screen yet.

So what do you think, folks? ComingSoon suggests rumors of a New Mutants-esque title involving the next generation of students at Xavier's. Is this likely, or do you see something more akin to the already announced spin-offs; a movie focusing around one particular character already introduced to the pantheon?
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