Either someone drugged her and forced her hand to sign the contract or this Friday the 13th prequel/sequel may not be as bad as we all know it will turn out to be. Word has it that Oscar nominee (Yes, I used the words Oscar and Friday the 13th in the same post -- that has to set some sort of Cinematical record) Patricia Clarkson has signed on to play Jason's psycho mother in the upcoming film.

Patricia Clarkson? Academy Awards? Friday the 13th? All we need now is to somehow link this whole thing back to Kevin Bacon. Coincidentally, we can! Bacon played one of them horny teens in the original Friday the 13th which, again, coincidentally, was the last time Jason's mom played a significant role in the series. Sure, there was that bit part in Freddy vs. Jason, but we don't count that. This is bigger. You may recall that mama Voorhees was the one seeking revenge for her son's death and killing off everyone in the first film. It wasn't until the second Friday the 13th when Jason took over... and our hearts soon followed. As far as plot goes, rumor has it the film will take place in both the present (Jason hunting and killing as usual) and the past (Patricia Clarkson trying desperately to ruin her career). Should be fun folks! 

UPDATE: It looks like this rumor is officially false. According to Bloody Disgusting via Platinum Dunes, they haven't even started casting the film yet. Phew, I knew it was too bad to be true.

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