As Indian film fans rioted yesterday, Jennifer Aniston fans were pandered to by Universal, and a Japanese firm announced a sure-fire way to get kids to pay to see The New World. Remember, this is your last day to suggest permanent names for the podcast, so drop 'em in the comments if you haven't. And, with our first week of 'casting wrapping up, let us know what you think of the show so far. Happy assorted religious and secular holidays!

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Karina Longworth

Randall Bennett

Love as Laughter - I'm a bee

5:08, 29 MB, MPEG4 (iPod / PSP compatible)

00:00 - Smell-o-vision, not just for John Waters's films anymore
02:15 - Indian film fans riot over Raj Kumar's death
03:23 - George Lucas selected Guest Director of LA Film Fest
04:17 - Re-shot ending of The Breakup *gasp* might have turned out as bad or worse than original!

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