A couple of week ago, we reported that, as part of the Pixar/Disney marriage, things were being shaken up at the Disney corral (meaning quality was being reintroduced). As part of the shakeup, Pixar execs were reviewing Disney's upcoming animated projects, and Gnomeo and Juliet, their planned retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story (except with garden gnomes, and all the music Elton John has ever written), didn't make the cut. We, foolishly, assumed it was dead. We should have known better.

In Hollywood, in appears, old scripts never die -- instead, they just show up at another studio, with some new names attached. Such is the case with Gnomeo and Juliet: The project has been transfered over to Miramax. As you might expect, Sir Elton is just thrilled to bits at the development -- his project, you see, is "edgy" (Dude, it's an animated romance. Have you not seen anything Disney has made over the past 50 years?), and "Miramax is the perfect home to push the envelope in animation." He's clearly just making things up here, but if Elton's happy, we're happy. He's also undoubtedly pleased that, despite all the shuffling around with the movie, Kate Winslet is reportedly still on board to voice Juliet. Hooray for that.
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