Weeks in advance of the May 5 opening of Hoot, audiences at 400 theaters saw an advance screening complete with a panel of 6 of the cast and filmmakers being interviewed. If by "interviewed" you mean, "tossed soft-balls that a team of geriatrics could have hit out of the park." For example, no one got a chance to ask Carl Hiaasen how he felt when he saw what Demi Moore had done to his book Striptease. It was slightly ironic seeing the preview in Dublin, California; Hiassen's hugely amusing novels are about the commupance of greedy developers, and there I was in an area where the bulldozers have had a 30-year-long field day.

is an ecological family pic that encourages civil disobedience to thwart ecocide.  Based on Hiaasen's Newberry-award winning children's book, it's the story of a Montana kid (Logan Lerman) transplanted to Florida.There he befriends a macha soccer-girl (Brie Larsen) and her Huckleberry Finn-ish step brother, nicknamed "Mullet Fingers" (Cody Linley). What draws the three together is a vacant lot inhabited by exceedingly adorable burrowing owls. ...
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